How to Move Chess Pieces: Learn Their Names & Moves


Chess is a classic game famous worldwide. It is one of the most strategic board games commonly used for education and learning purposes. But how can you learn chess without knowing how chess pieces move?

But before learning chess pieces moves, you must know their names and roles in the game.

Chess Pieces Names

There are sixteen pieces in a chess set. They consist of six main characters having identical shapes and unique moves. Their names are:

    1. Pawn
    2. Rook
    3. Knight
    4. Bishop
    5. Queen
    6. King

There are 8 pawns, 2 rooks, 2 knights, 2 bishops, 1 queen, and 1 king in a chess set.

Chess Pieces Arrangement

Learning the names of all chess pieces is not enough. To proceed, you also need to know how to set up a chessboard correctly.

You can arrange a chessboard by following the steps described below.

    1. Place all pawns in 2nd rank.
    2. Place rooks at corners.
    3. Place knights in the neighboring squares of rooks in the 1st rank.
    4. Place bishops in the adjacent squares of knights in the 1st rank.
    5. Place Queen at corresponding color in the 1st rank.
    6. Place King at only square left in the 1st rank.

Chess Pieces Moves

Every chess piece has its own rules. You need to learn how chess pieces move so that you can play chess properly.

How do Pawns Move in Chess?


A pawn can move just one square. However, it can move either one or two squares on the very first move.

A pawn can only capture the piece in the diagonal. Otherwise, it neither moves diagonally nor backward.

Pawn has a unique ability to get promoted when it reaches 8th rank (line). You can update it to any piece you want. You can even get up to nine queens or eight any desired pieces.

How do Rooks Move in Chess?


Rook follows a + sign pattern in a move. It can move any number of squares in forwards, backward, left, and right directions. It can not move diagonally.

How Does the Knight Move in Chess?


Knight follows an L shape pattern in a move. It can move two squares in one direction then one towards left or right in a single turn.

How Does the Bishop Move in Chess?


Bishop can only move diagonally. However, it can move any number of squares on the board while no other piece is blocking the way.

How Does the Queen Move in Chess?


Queen can move anywhere following a combined pattern of all other pieces. She can move any number of squares forwards, backward, sideways, and diagonally. However, it can not move like a knight.

How Does the King Move in Chess?


King can move in all directions but only one square in a single move. However, it cannot move in any of the surrounding squares of the opponent king. Because, as per rule, King can not move to a position where it can get checked.