How to Wash White and Colored Shoelaces


Shoes are an essential part of our daily outfit. Clean shoes have a direct impact on one’s personality, as dirty ones can ruin that impression. That’s why it is necessary to keep your shoes clean. But what about shoelaces?

Cleanliness of shoelaces is equally important as for shoes. Most of the time, when you clean your shoes, you forget to clean shoelaces. That can ruin the entire look of your shoes. It might be because you don’t know how to clean shoelaces when they become dirty.

Don’t worry if you have dirty shoelaces and are looking for a solution. Just follow these simple steps to whiten shoelaces and make them like a new ones.

How to Clean White Shoelaces

To clean white laces, you need a bar of hand soap, a laundry detergent, or some bleach and vinyl gloves. Start by taking out the pair of required laces from your shoes.

Wash Shoelaces With a Soap

The very first thing you can try to wash your shoelaces is soap. Follow these simple steps and clean your shoelaces in just a few minutes.

    1. At first, rinse them with cold water.
    2. Then take a hand soap in one hand and shoelaces in the other and rub them with each other.
    3. Continuously perform this step for 3 to 4 minutes.
    4. Once they start looking clean, you can stop here.

Wash Shoelaces With Bleach and a Laundry Detergent

If you feel shoelaces are still dirty, follow the step below.

    1. Take some cold water in a jar.
    2. Drop your shoelaces in it and rub them with your hands.
    3. Add some laundry detergent to it.
    4. Rub your shoelaces to remove any stain left.
    5. Set them aside from the jar for 30-40 minutes.

Blue laundry detergent is better as blue can bring out the whitest of white from your laces.

If you don’t want to see any bleach left in your shoelaces, again rinse them with cold water. Take hand soap in one hand and shoelaces in the other and rub against each other. Do this 3-4 times then all the bleach will be out of laces.

Also, remember to wear your gloves because bleach can irritate your skin. If there are any stain marks, you can rub them with your hand or use a soft toothbrush for that purpose.

Dry The Cleaned Pair of Laces

Now let the shoelaces get dry before using them again. Follow these steps to dry them as quickly as possible.

    1. Take a towel or microfiber and dry the laces.
    2. Wrap the laces in the towel and firmly hold the towel.
    3. Now move laces in one direction and towel in the opposite direction.
    4. Repeat the process 2-3 times until your shoelaces get ready to use.

How to Clean Colored Shoelaces

If you are using bleach on a pair of colored shoelaces, make sure it is color-safe. For this purpose, you can use diluted bleach or Non-Chlorine bleach, commonly known as Oxygen Bleach. It contains Sodium Carbonate instead of Sodium Hypochlorite, which exists in chlorine-containing bleaches that cause fading in colored fabric.

Follow these steps to clean colored shoelaces without getting their look spoiled.

    1. Take out your laces from your shoes.
    2. Take some cold water in a jar or bucket.
    3. Add some laundry detergent or oxygen bleach to it.
    4. Put your shoelaces into the mixture and rub them with your hands. If you can’t remove stain marks by using your hand, you can use a soft brush.
    5. After eliminating all stains, rinse your shoelaces with clean cold water.
    6. At last, dry the laces with a towel before using them again.