How to Cut, Eat and Store a Papaya


Papaya is a tropical fruit that originated from Mexico and South America. Its sweet and tasty flesh is orange in color, and it contains a lot of tiny seeds inside.

It varies in size, some having the size of pears but mostly are slightly bigger. But regarding its size, it is not difficult to prepare papaya for eating in raw form.

Although it is available throughout the year, the best time to eat papaya is at the start and end of summer. It works wonders for the stomach and digestion as it prevents constipation, relieves stomach pain, and solves other digestion issues.

Is Papaya Good to Eat?

Papaya is not only a fruit that has a sweet taste, but it also contains some nutritious and health benefits. According to American Optometric Association, papaya is one of the primary sources of vitamin C, a part of essential nutrients in our daily life.

Papaya is a lightweight fruit best for the digestive system as it contains low calories. It is also rich in antioxidants, including vitamin A and E. It may also reduce the risk of different heart diseases with its healthy ingredients.

How to Tell If a Papaya is Ripe?

A well ripen papaya is always sweet in smell and yellow or light orange in color. Generally, soft and yellow-colored papaya is considered fully ripened and ready to eat. However, if papaya is orange in color and too soft to touch, it is overripened. Contrarily, green and hard papaya is always underripe.

It is also necessary to wash any fruit before going to eat it. Before cutting papaya, you should also rinse it with water. It will remove any germs or dust particles from its skin if present.

How to Cut Papaya?

If you know how to eat papaya, you are lucky to enjoy this fruit. But if you don’t know how to cut papaya, you may end up spoiling its look and taste by cutting it in an improper manner.

The best way to prepare papaya for eating is to cut it into cubes. Use the following method to cut papaya into cubes and serve it in a good look and full taste with no juice lost.

Step 01. Slice the Papaya Into Two Halves


Cut the papaya lengthwise along the straight line to slice it into two equal halves. You will find a lot of tiny seeds inside and a peculiar smell in it. Nothing to worry about as it is absolutely normal.

Step 02. Clear Out the Seeds Inside


Take a spoon and remove the seeds out of each half. Also, remove the thick pulpy layer that surrounds the seeds area.

Don’t make the mistake of throwing the papaya seeds into the trash. They are edible, and they also contain many health benefits. You can utilize them in many different ways, especially as a substitute for black pepper.

Step 03. Peel Off the Skin With a Peeler


The skin of the papaya is a little bitter in taste, but that does not mean it is not edible. You can eat the skin if you want, as it has no poisonous effect. However, it contains latex that can cause stomach discomfort, especially in people with latex intolerance.

So it is better to remove the outer skin before eating the flesh. To do so, hold one half standing up and run the knife down to the bottom. Similarly, perform the same step on the other half.

You can also peel off with the help of a peeler. Simply hold one half in your hand and hold the peeler in your other hand. Carefully peel off the skin while rotating as necessary.

Step 04. Cut Both the Edges With a Sharp Knife


Now cut both ends from each half using a sharp knife. You can also cut them before removing the skin to make the peeling process easy.

Step 05. Cut the Papaya into Small Slices


Now cut the papaya horizontally to divide it into small slices. If you want to eat it in big cube size, make each cut after some distance to make each chunk wider.

Step 06. Cut Each Slice Into Cubes


Although you can eat papaya slices as it is, cutting it in cubes gives a more attractive look, especially if you want to serve someone.

To cut it into cubes, make cuts on slices vertically to make a piece like a box shape. It will make it easy to pick and bite.

How to Eat Papaya?

You can eat a well ripen papaya in raw form as salad, smoothie, and dessert. You can also mix other fruits with your papaya or sprinkle lemon juice over it to enhance its taste and flavor.

You can also make a papaya milkshake by blending it with water, milk, and a little sugar for extra sweetness. You can also take it in frozen form to enjoy it as fruit ice cream.

How to Store Papaya?

To store papaya for later use, you can place it in the refrigerator. If you want to store it for a long time with all its taste and freshness kept, you can freeze it. Frozen papaya keeps its freshness for weeks and months. But if you store it without freezing, it is better to use it within 2 days.

To freeze papaya, put it in an airtight container or a plastic bag and place it in a freezer. You can enjoy it later with its best taste and freshness kept. It is best to not keep it frozen for more than 6 months.

Following this complete guide, you can deliciously enjoy this natural gift. You can not only enjoy its juicy flavor, but you can also get many other health benefits for skin, stomach, and blood. So don’t forget to bring papaya this spring and give your taste buds a new delight.