How to Fold a Burrito Tortilla


Burrito is a Mexican cuisine made up of tortillas wrapped into various ingredients. It is a quick and easy dish to make, only if you know how to make it.

Knowing how to make a burrito with a good recipe is not enough. You also need to know how to properly fold a burrito without spoiling its look or fillings, so that you can serve it decently.

If you don’t know how to wrap a burrito, don’t worry. Here you’ll learn the basic and simplest way to wrap a burrito like a professional chef. It will also help you to eat it without spoiling your dress with its filling.

Make Sure Tortilla is Warm Enough

Before you begin, you have to make sure the tortilla is warm enough. If the tortilla is not warm, you have to heat it first. It will make the tortilla more flexible and less inclined to break.

How to Heat the Tortilla?

To heat the tortilla, just follow the simple steps below.

    1. Take a skillet or a pan and preheat it.
    2. Put the tortilla inside the pan.
    3. Heat it at medium flame for 30 to 60 seconds.
    4. It is better to heat both sides of the tortilla to give it a good look and taste.

How to Wrap the Tortilla Burrito?

Once warm and ready, follow these simple 4 steps to fold so the fillings don’t fall from it.

Step 1: Place the Fillings on the Base of the Tortilla


Covering the whole surface of the tortilla with the fillings is one of the most common mistakes people make.
All you need is to put all of the fillings to the base portion of the burrito. It will let you fold the tortilla more easily and will avoid the fillings falling to the sides.

Step 2: Fold the Sides of the Burrito


Begin with the sides covering the filling, fold the burrito inwards from both sides. Fold the left and right sides of the tortilla vertically so that all the fillings are nice and tight.

Step 3: Fold the Bottom Side of the Burrito


Now comes the bottom part of the burrito. Overlap the lower part of the tortilla such that it comes above the fillings pushing it back toward the base of the tortilla.

Step 4: Roll It Till the End


Start rolling up the burrito from the base fold containing the yummy material. Try folding the fold inwards very carefully so that your fillings will not drop out of it as you roll-up.
Utilize your fingers to fold and press the filling into a tight chamber while rolling.