How to Hem Pants in 5 Easy Steps


If you bought a new pair of pants and found it a little longer, don’t worry. You might don’t know how to hem pants at home. But still, to shorten them, you don’t need to see a tailor. Instead, follow this guide to start hemming pants yourself.

Either you want to hem jeans or dress pants, you can do it easily at home without spending a single penny. Once you know how to hem pants, you can buy new pants confidently without thinking about their type and size.

If your pants are too long and you want to make them shorter, just follow these simple steps to hem pants at home with or without a sewing machine.

Find the Required Length

At first, you need to get the required length you want to set. To do so, measure your inseam from one of the perfect-sized pants from your wardrobe.

To measure inseam size, place the pants on a table and note down the measurement between the crotch seam and the bottom of the pant.

Unstitch the Original Hem

Unstitch the hemline with a cutter, scissor, or a seam ripper. Now unfold the hem and iron it to eliminate creases from it.

Trim the Excess Cloth

Lay down the pants on a table and start taking the measurement from the crotch. Add one inch to the noted inseam measurement and draw a line with chalk at the new position.

If you want to fold more or less than one inch, add the required number instead.

Now start cutting along the line to get rid of excess fabric.

Fold the New Hem

Turn the pants inside out and fold the bottom edge of the leg to one inch. Pin the hem and iron it to set a crease.

If you want to double fold the pants, fold the pant leg to half an inch twice, and iron it each time.

Repeat the step for the other leg of the pants.

Sew the New Hem

You can easily sew pants at home if you have access to a sewing machine. But if you don’t have one, still there are some methods to do it without a sewing machine.

Hem Pants With a Sewing Machine

Using a thread of similar color to pants, load your bobbin and top spool. Now remove the pins from the hem and stitch.

Iron your pants one final time to keep the crease in place. Turn them right-side out.

Repeat with the other pant leg. Finish by turning the pants right side out and pressing the hem.

Hem Pants by Hand

If you don’t have a sewing machine, don’t worry. You can easily hem pants without a sewing machine in a short time. To do so, you just need a thread and a needle.

Take a thread similar to the color of the pants and cut a piece. Thread the needle and make a knot at the cut ends unitedly. It will double the thread make it tougher to get broke. Now start sewing the hem while keeping the pins in place.

While sewing, insert the needle in folded edge and bring it out after 1/8 inch. Then after 3/8 inch from where you pulled the thread through, insert the needle again in the folded edge and pull it out. It will make sure that minimal stitch marks get visible at the front side of the pant legs.

Repeat the process until it gets completed all around the leg. Once you are done with both legs, iron it.

Hem Pants With Hemming Tape

If you also don’t have a needle and thread, you can still hem your pants at home using the hemming tape. It is a double-sided fusible adhesive tape used to adhere to two layers of fabric by pressing it with an iron.

To hem pants with the help of hemming tape, turn your pants inside out and apply the hem tape to the fold. Then iron the folded hem to adhere it to the hem tape.

Remember, hem tape is a temporary solution, and it lasts after a few washes. So try to sew the hem by hand or a sewing machine to secure it permanently.

Now fold the new hem down and press the pants with iron once again before starting wearing it.