How to Make Chalk at Home in 4 Easy Steps


Children love to play with chalks as they love to draw and play tic-tac-toe with their friends. They always love to explore new things and try different activities for their fun. And sidewalk chalk allows them to make fun so.

Although, chalks end very soon once you start to use them. But if you know how to make chalk at home, you necessarily don’t need to buy a new one. However, if you don’t know how to make chalk, you will learn that here.

It is a lot simple and easy to make sidewalk chalk on your own. However, you required some patience as it takes time to dry completely. But once it gets ready, it will be more fun to use homemade chalk for outside activities with friends and neighbors.

For DIY chalk, you required Plaster of Paris, tempera paint, warm water, mixing cups, and silicone molds. Once you get all the chalk ingredients, you can follow these simple steps to make chalk immediately.

Step 1: Mix Plaster of Paris in Water

Take a cup and pour some warm water into it. Now add the Plaster of Paris in it and stir it well until it gets blended completely. Don’t forget to make sure that your mixture is lump-free.

Step 2: Add Tempera Paint to the Mixture

After the mixture is ready, you need to add some paint to it. If you want to make chalks of different colors, separate the mixture into different bowls and add your preferred color to each bowl.

While stirring the mixture, make sure it will not get dry. As plaster powder dries quickly, so you have to work as fast as you can.

Step 3: Pour Mixture into the Molds

Once you get the mixture fully ready, pour it into the mold. If you want to make singular color chalk, then add a single color mixture into the mold.

To make multi-color chalk, just add a small amount of each color mixture into the mold. Don’t mix these mixtures after pouring them into the mold.

Step 4: Let the Mixture Get Dry

After adding the mixture into the mold, let it sit for at least 12 hours. However, it is better to give it 24 hours to get dry properly. It also depends on the depth of mold how long it will take to get dry.

Once they dry completely, take them out of the mold and enjoy chalking.