How to Make Cloud Slime in 5 Easy Steps


Playing with slime is a joyful activity. But picking up some slime and seeing it falling back like snow falling from a cloud is something unusual and incredible to feel.

Similarly, making slime is also a lot of fun. And if you are going to try to make cloud slime, you will feel more excited, making such a pleasant thing.

If you are excited to learn how to make cloud slime to enjoy such a marvelous experience, here’s what you need.

To make cloud slime, you need a half cup of school glue, a half cup of instant snow, a half cup of water, some borax powder, and food colors to make it colorful. These are the primary ingredients of cloud slime you must have.

Then follow this simple 5 step cloud slime recipe to make it and enjoy.

Step 1: Make a Mixture of Glue and Water

Take a bowl and pour a quarter cup of water into it. Now add some glue into a bowl, according to the quantity of slime you want to get. Then stir it properly to ensure a uniform mixture.

Step 2: Add Borax Powder to the Mixture

Take a separate bowl and pour half a cup of warm water into it. Now add a quarter teaspoon of borax powder with a half cup of warm water.

Now combine the borax solution with the glue mixture and stir it thoroughly. It will turn the glue mixture into slime.

Step 3: Add Food Coloring to the Mixture

Kids like playing with colorful cloud slime. So making colorful cloud slime is the way to go.

To make colorful cloud slime, just add a few drops of food color to the mixture and stir it thoroughly to achieve a uniform color in the slime.

Step 4: Add Shaving Cream to the Mixture

To convert the ready slime into cloud slime, make sure to add some shaving cream to your mixture. White shaving cream will do the job as it will not change the shade of the cloud slime.

Step 5: Add Instant Snow to Make Cloud Slime

Add around half a cup of instant snow to your slime. It should begin to butter up in the bowl, be careful not to adhere to the spatula.

Once you mix the slime mixture and instant snow, your cloud slime will get ready to use.