How to Make Kinetic Sand at Home in 5 Easy Steps


Assuming you’ve never known about kinetic sand, here is your chance to be surprised!

The word “kinetic” means “to be in motion.” This fabulous material closely resembles sleek sand and can be formed into nearly anything. It’s amusing to play with and gives an extraordinary tactile nature to kids just as grown-ups. It’s so satisfying to watch.

No doubt kids love to play and get chaotic, they all will surely like it if someone makes kinetic sand for them. Children play in a wide range of ways to increase sensory-motor skills. Try to involve your children while preparing these activities, so that in the future, they can do, by themselves.

On social media, you will find various recordings of individuals crushing, cutting, and crunching the stuff. Not only do people watch their videos, but also they are too satisfying to see.

Making kinetic sand at home for such delightful activities is not a difficult task. Just follow the simple steps below to learn how to make kinetic sand without much effort.

Step 1. Take Dry Sand in a Bowl

Take a bowl and pour some sand into it. Make sure all the sand is completely dried.

If the sand is wet, microwave it to remove the excess moisture. Then pour it into the bowl as much as you like.

Step 2. Add Corn Starch in the Sand

Add 2 tablespoons of corn starch into the bowl of sand. Mix them gently as long as the two are fully coordinated.

Step 3. Separately Make a Soapy Water Solution

Take 1 cup of water in a bowl and add 1 tablespoon of dishwashing soap to it. Stir the mixture continuously until the bubbles get appeared.

If we want to make colorful kinetic sand, take some food color and add it to the foamy water solution. The more color you add, the more intense and enjoyable the solution becomes.

If you feel that the color is dull, you can add more food color later while mixing it with sand.

Step 4. Pour Soapy Water Solution into the Sand Bowl

Pour your foamy solution into the sand and mix it with your hand. Make sure to pour it slowly and mix it simultaneously for better consistency.

Step 5. Let the Mixture Get Dry to Finish

After performing the above procedure, let it in the air for 30 minutes. So that it becomes nice, thick, and semi-solid.

Kinetic sand is ready now. Play with your friends and have a satisfying feel.

Make sure to put your play sand in an air-tight container or a plastic bag so that it won’t dry up.