How to Measure Inseam on Pants Correctly


Wearing fitted pants can make you look sleek and stylish and can distinguish you from others. It not only improve your personality and impression but also make you feel better in routine life.

So always wear a fitted pair of pants to keep looking cool and stylish. But how can you choose such pants while you don’t know your pants size?

To determine the length of pants, you can use inseam measurement. For that purpose, you should know how to measure the inseam of pants.

If you don’t know what is the inseam on pants, follow this guide.

What is the Inseam on Pants?

Inseam is the distance from the crotch to the bottom of the ankle of the pants. It considers the inner part of the pants. It is critical to know the inseam measurement before purchasing new pants to avoid any hassle.

If you don’t know the right inseam, you might end up selecting the wrong size. After that, you will be wasting your time either going to the tailor for size adjustment or returning or replacing the item.

But how can you measure inseam?

How to Measure Inseam of Pants

Finding accurate inseam measurements for your pants is not a difficult task. Just follow these simple steps to do it yourself at home.

Choose a Fitted Pair of Pants

There is always a well-fitted pant in your closet that is your favorite. You always want to wear that, even when you also have other options. Select that one for the measurement.

Check the Tag

Check the tag present on the inner side of the pant, whether it contains the inseam measurement. If yes, then you are good to go and buy your new pants with the same inseam.

Unluckily, if you found no tag, proceed to the next step.

Lay the Pants on the Table

Lay the pants on the table or a plain surface. With the help of measuring tape, measure pant size.

Take the Measurement

To measure inseam on pants, hold one end of tape at the bottom of the crotch and travel it down to the pant’s ankle.

Note down the measurement on paper. It might be helpful whenever you go shopping.

Record your exact inseam length of pants. Do not round off the number such that the difference gets more than half of an inch.

How to Measure Inseam While Wearing Pants

Remove Your Shoes

Wearing shoes can create a hindrance while measuring your inseam. So better to take off your shoes.

Wear a Fitted Pant

Wear your perfectly fitted pant so that the measurement process is easy and results are accurate.

Stand Straight

It is better to stand straight against a wall. Doing this will ensure a straight inseam and accurate measurement. Leaning off and standing improper might give an inaccurate value.

Measure Inseam

Step down on the measuring tape and note the number on which you are standing. Let’s say, from ground to pant hem, the measurement is X.

Now take the tape up to the bottom of the crotch. Note the measurement in inches or required metrics, and subtract the X value from the total number.

Record the measurement. That’s your inseam size.

Points to Remember

These methods are simple and good enough to find an exact measurement of your inseam. However, some points require attention while measuring the pants.

  1. Always lay the pants on a smooth surface, or stand straight if measuring while wearing.
  2. Remove all the wrinkles before taking any measurement.
  3. While measuring, make sure the measuring tape is neither too stretched nor too loose.
  4. Note down the exact measurement on the paper and don’t round the number.
  5. It is better to add half an inch to the final measurement while buying a new pair of pants. It is because new clothes usually shrink a bit if you wash them for the first time.

If you are still not satisfied or having trouble finding your inseam, ask your tailor to help you in this matter.