How to Measure Pants in 7 Easy Steps


Nowadays, everybody prefers to shop online. So people do not really want to go to stores to buy something. Instead, they just order everything online sitting at home.

In online shopping, there are some limitations, especially if you are shopping for clothes. The biggest drawback of online shopping is that you can not try your outfit to check your size.

This problem also arises for jeans and other pants. As different stores and manufacturers have different sizing, you might have perfectly fitted jeans from one store. But if you order the same size from another store, it might not fit you perfectly.

So it is always better to measure your jeans or your body before buying a new pair of pants. But you may don’t know how to measure pants?

It is not difficult to measure pant size at all. You can easily do it yourself. You just need a measuring tape and perfect fitted pants from your wardrobe. If you want to take jeans measurements, prefer a pair of jeans rather than other pants.

You can easily learn how to measure men’s pants by following these 7 steps. You can follow the same steps to measure jeans and women’s pants also.

Step 1. Measure Waist for Pants


To accurately measure pants size, it is essential to measure the waist for pants first. To take waist measurement, button-up and lay down your pants on a flat surface, and remove wrinkles from it (if any). Then measure the waistband side by side in a straight line. Double the measurement, and you have your waist measured.

Step 2. Measure Hip Size


Just like the waist, you also need to measure hip size to get the right pants size. Generally, the hip area starts from 2 inches below the zipper.

However, you can simply measure the hip size 2-3 inches above the crotch stitch. To get the right hip size for pants, grab a measuring tape and measure the hip area from one side to the other sidewise.

Step 3. Measure the Rise


Front rise measurement is critical to know for size a pair of fitted pants. But at first, you should know how to measure the rise of pants accurately.

To measure rise on jeans, lay the jeans on a flat surface and remove wrinkles from them. Then take a measuring tape and measure the length from the crotch seam to the top of the waistline while the pair of jeans is buttoned up.

Step 4. Measure Thigh Size


Taking thigh measurement is as necessary as for other parts of pants. However, you can easily measure the thigh area by placing the tape at the crotch seam and measuring it around 2 inches below the hip towards the outside edge.

Simply, it can be said that it is the measurement from the crotch to the outside of the leg (side by side).

Step 5. Measure Knee Length


Measuring the knee size is a lot easy. However, you have to find the right area first. Then, simply take a measuring tape and note down the measurement from one side of the knee area to the other.

Step 6. Measure Inseam


The inseam is the area inside the leg from the crotch to the leg opening. You can easily measure it with a measuring tape. However, if you want to know more details, here is a guide for you.

Step 7. Measure Leg Length


Pants length, also known as outseam, is the length of pants from the waistline to the leg openings around the ankle.

To measure pant length, take a measuring tape, and measure the area from leg openings to the tip of the waistband.

Step 8. Measure Leg Opening


The leg opening is the area around the ankle where the pants end. You can easily measure it by placing the tape at one end and taking the measurement towards the other end. However, you may have different sizes for different styles of jeans.

Above mentioned steps will help to find the perfect fitted pants for you. However, different brands have different sizing rules. So it is always better to look at the sizing guide specified by the relevant brand or store.