How to Measure Sleeve Length for Shirt


Sleeve length is an important measurement to note, just like your collar size. While choosing your shirt, one must select the right size to look spot on. So it is vital to know your sleeve length measurement before buying a new shirt.

To measure sleeve length does not mean to measure arm length only. Instead, it is the measurement from the back of your neck to your wrist. Moreover, every individual has distinctive shoulder widths, which means individuals having the same arm length might have different sleeve lengths.

To get a new shirt that fits you perfectly, you must know your sleeve size. But how can you measure sleeve size?

Measure Sleeve Length From a Fitted Shirt

Measuring a sleeve length from one of your favorite shirts is not a difficult task. You can easily do it on your own. Just grab a fitted shirt, a measuring tape and follow the instructions below.

    1. Place your favorite shirt on a flat surface measure its sleeve length.
    2. Take a measuring tape, put it beneath the collar, roll it towards the shoulder, and finally to the end of the wrist.
    3. Note down the measurement on paper.

Measure Sleeve Length from Your Body

You can also measure your sleeve length directly from your body or a short you are wearing. But you may need to get help from a friend to measure your sleeve length accurately using this method.

    1. Stand straight in an upright position.
    2. Keep your arm relaxed by your side and try to keep it in a natural (bent) way, in normal posture.
    3. Pick a measuring tape and start taking measurements. Put one end at the back of your neck, take it to your shoulder and run it down to just below your wrist joint.
    4. Note down or memorize your measurement in inches or centimeters.

Try to measure the two sleeves twice and note the higher value of the two measurements. If your sleeve estimation is between two accessible sizes, consistently pick to purchase the extended one. Because you can deal with a long-sized sleeve but not with a short-sized one.

Now you have learned a simple and easy way to measure your sleeve length for a shirt. It will help you to know and remember your sleeve length for shopping.

Next time when you need to buy a new shirt, you will find it easy to get the best fit if you know your sleeve length.