How to Set Up a Chess Board in 9 Simple Steps


Everybody loves to play chess in their free time. But how can someone play chess without knowing how to set up a chessboard!

Chessboard setup is the first and most important part of chess. It is crucial to set up a chessboard in the correct layout to enjoy the game.

But before going to know about setting up a chessboard, you have to learn some basics of chess first.

Chess is a classic game that is still one of the most played indoor games around the world. It is one of the most complex games with a limited set of rules.

It consists of 6 main pieces: King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight, and Pawn. Each of them has different rules to move and has different strengths and power.

In this guide, you will learn about setting up a chessboard according to the standard chessboard layout used worldwide.

Step 1. Place the Chessboard in Correct Layout


Setting up a chessboard requires information about the rules and regulations of chess. It is critical to arrange the pieces on the board correctly so that all sides get set up effectively.

But first, you need to learn what color goes first in the chess layout.

Place the board in such a way that the light-colored square comes at the bottom right corner. A simple method to know this is “white on the right”.

Step 2. Place All Pawns in the Second Rank


Pawns are the weakest but most numerous chess pieces in the game. Put all the eight pieces on the second row of each side. It first clears up half of the total and helps you arrange the remaining pieces quickly and easily.

Step 3. Place Rooks at the Corners


Rooks are the fundamental piece of chess having a shape similar to a castle. Each player has two rooks, each placed at the corner of the board.

Step 4. Place Knights Next to the Rooks


Knights are pieces of chess that look like horses. They get placed left and right of the rooks. They are powerful as they can jump over the pieces regardless they are black or white.

Step 5. Place Bishops Next to the Knights


A bishop is a chess piece that contains a rounded top with a slight cut in it. Each player has two bishops, placed right next to the knights, in between King or Queen.

These tall and round-headed pieces have the ability to move diagonally within their respective colored square.

Step 6. Place Queen at the Respective Color


Queen is the most powerful piece in chess. It has the combined power of the Rook and Bishop.

Each player has one Queen placed in the center of the first rank, left to the King. Each one gets positioned on the respective color square. Such that a white queen placed on the light color square and the black on the dark one.

Step 7. Place King at the Only Square Left


King is the most crucial piece in the game, with limited moveability. It gets placed right after the Queen, at the only left space when all others get placed.

Step 8. Check if the Chess Board Layout is Correct

Once done all the above steps, it’s time to check whether your chessboard setup is in the correct layout or not.

Check the chess placement keeping the following sequence in mind.

    1. At first, the second rank gets occupied by the pawns.
    2. Then Rooks take the position at both corners.
    3. Knights get a place just next to the Rooks, and then the Bishops take positions on both sides.
    4. The middle squares are for Queen and King, where a queen goes on its color.
    5. The King gets the only left place in the first rank.

Now everything is ready and in proper layout. But you need to learn basic chess moves to play chess properly.

Remember, white pieces always holds the starting position and moves first. Just look which player has white and start the play accordingly.